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Mesothelioma Attorney Trains to Help with November Election Voter Protection

July 30, 2012

Published by, Doctor's Outlet, Seattle Post & PR Web, Mesothelioma Attorney Trains to Help with November Election Voter Protection

Deborah Schweizer, partner with the California mesothelioma law firm of Clapper, Patti, Schweizer & Mason, will attend the American Association of Justice (AAJ) 2012 Annual Convention held in Chicago Jul 28-31. The AAJ holds two members-only conventions each year which feature education programs for plaintiff attorneys with a national focus.

According to the AAJ, “Both annual conventions offer members the opportunity to earn a year’s worth of CLE, to network, and to return to their practices re-energized and better able to represent their clients.“

During the summer 2012 convention, Schweizer will attend a special training session offered by the AAJ Voter Protection Committee on voter protection. According to Schweizer, “The training is aimed at educating attorneys participating in the conference who can be available on Election Day in November to go to polling places in swing states and make sure that all qualified voters are able to cast their vote.”

The AAJ Voter Protection Committee’s efforts are aimed at countering the coordinated effort to suppress the vote and skew the outcome of the 2012 elections that appears to be underway with the passage of numerous voter suppression laws in places such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, among others.

Schweizer believes in protecting the right to vote for all registered voters and wants to be part of the effort to make sure people are able to cast their ballots fairly in the upcoming election. Schweizer then plans to visit a swing state- possibly Virginia or Pennsylvania- to serve as an attorney at key polling places offering her training and services to ensure a fair election for all voters.

AAJ’s mission, as stated on their website, “is to promote a fair and effective justice system—and to support the work of attorneys in their efforts to ensure that any person who is injured by the misconduct or negligence of others can obtain justice in America’s courtrooms, even when taking on the most powerful interests.”

This mission is also at the heart of Clapper Patti Schweizer & Mason (CPSM). Those who are diagnosed with and die from the terminal asbestos cancer called mesothelioma could have been protected and their deaths prevented if the asbestos companies had been more forthcoming about the dangers of exposure to asbestos early on. Those diagnosed with mesothelioma are entitled to fair and just compensation due to the failure of many major asbestos companies and manufacturers to provide warnings or protection against deadly exposure.

Mesothelioma is caused by inhaling or ingesting microscopic airborne asbestos fibers. These fibers then lodge in the lining of the body’s internal organs, most commonly the pleura, or lining of the lung. As the National Cancer Institute statistics show, mesothelioma is a cancer often not diagnosed until it has reached advanced stages so survival rates are quite low. According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 2500-3000 Americans annually will be diagnosed with mesothelioma, with a large majority of them being US Veterans and construction workers.

Schweizer is attending the conference on behalf of her partners as well as CPSM’s clients and their family members. Staying current and networking with other attorneys who are equally dedicated to fighting for the rights of the individual in the face of large corporations and insurance, drug and oil companies is just one of the ways that CPSM stays at the top in their field.

To find out more about the Annual Convention or AAJ, visit the American Association for Justice website.