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Mesothelioma Law Firm Supports Fundraiser for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

September 27, 2011

From San Francisco Chronicle, Mesothelioma Law Firm Supports Fundraiser for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Clausen House, founded in 1967, is hosting their annual fundraising gala, Meet Me in Tuscany, Saturday November 12th in Alameda. The event is sponsored by Clapper, Patti, Schweizer & Mason, a law firm specializing in handling mesothelioma lawsuits, and the Schweizer & Lang family.

Clausen House’s mission is to create opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to gain competency, develop relationships and join the community with increasing command over their own lives. It provides residential, independent and supported living, supported employment, adult education and social recreation programs for those who need additional assistance due to disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, epilepsy and other intellectual disabilities.

Public opinion used to view those with developmental disabilities as a burden, incompetent, or needing to be institutionalized. Organizations like Clausen House have shifted that public perception. Today, many who face challenges are productive, contributing members and integral assets to our communities.

Deborah Schweizer, a leading mesothelioma attorney and partner at Clapper, Patti, Schweizer and Mason, knows firsthand just how much Clausen House can help those with developmental disabilities live and work with maximum independence and integration. Schweizer’s cousin, Karla, has Down Syndrome and has been a resident in one of Clausen House’s three group homes for more than 20 years. Karla works at a local Walgreens through the Clausen House's Supported Employment Program. Karla lives a full and independent life due to the services Clausen House provides.

Witnessing the difference Clausen House has made for Karla and 180 other adults with developmental disabilities, Schweizer joined the Board of Directors six years ago and was elected as President of the Board two years ago. In recognition of this and the law firm’s longtime commitment to Clausen House's mission, Clapper, Patti, Schweizer and Mason was awarded the Yellow Scarf Award in 2010. This year's honoree is the Sovereign Order of St. John Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller, San Francisco Commandery.

The Yellow Scarf Award signifies the color of sunlight, mental stimulation, growth, happiness and Clausen House. Clapper, Patti, Schweizer and Mason along with the Schweizer & Lang family continue to be the top sponsor of the annual fundraiser this year and are dedicated in their efforts to help others lead successful, satisfying lives.

Come join us and many others on November 12th at the Rock Wall Wine Company in Alameda. “Meet Me in Tuscany” is a fun way to participate and raise needed funds, with dinner, dancing, entertainment, and wine tasting. For more information, visit the Clausen House website at http://www.clausenhouse.org/events/gala.html. To order tickets, click here. We look forward to seeing you there!

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