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Dear Mr. Clapper,

Less than two years after I retired at age 59, I experienced severe health problems and consulted a doctor. After a series of tests and exploratory surgery, I was diagnosed with extensive mesothelioma. My wife and I were told I wouldn't leave the hospital alive.

At my first appointment with my oncologist, he said: "This cancer is caused by asbestos. Asbestos is the only carcinogen known to cause mesothelioma." That asbestos was dangerous in limited exposures came as a surprise to me. We subsequently found out that there had been extensive studies revealing the risks of even limited exposure decades ago and that this information had been actively suppressed by asbestos companies.

Even so, my wife and I were reluctant to contact an attorney about this; we have always been self-sufficient, maintaining our home and property ourselves plus raising our five children and now our grandson. But the loss of income and ability to maintain our place without outside help, and the impending medical expenses, presented a grim prospect.

So we contacted Clapper and Patti after reading case histories similar to ours. We found Clapper, Patti, Schweizer & Mason to be prompt, informative, professional, considerate, and experienced. They have an excellent support staff, and do high quality work.

We were very pleased with the brevity and the outcome of our litigation. And it is most reassuring to know the financial needs of my wife and grandson are well taken care of.