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Dear CPSM & Staff,

We wanted to send a note of our gratitude.  Shortly after we retained Clapper, Patti, Schweizer & Mason to represent us, Mr. Clapper flew to our hometown to meet with my husband and me personally. This personal visit, in my mind, set the tone of our relationship. Over the course of two and a half years, I have found them to be professional and caring, and am confident that they represent my best interests.

The people at Clapper, Patti, Schweizer & Mason were always mindful of my husband's condition. During the time that he was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, staff attorneys also needed to gather background information from him. They always inquired first about how he was feeling and if I felt he was up to talking with them. In most instances they could tell me if they needed a few minutes with him or if it would take some time.

Overall, my family and I have found Clapper, Patti, Schweizer & Mason very easy to work with. Everyone has been very understanding and supportive of our situation. The staff has taken the time to answer whatever questions or concerns we had.