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Age:  72

Settlement:  $3.4 Million

Except for a brief stint in the Navy, Larry worked as a union laborer most of his career. Larry was shocked when he learned of his diagnosis of malignant pleural mesothelioma.

Immediately after contacting Clapper, Patti, Schweizer & Mason, we were able to quickly identify the responsible asbestos companies and to file a complaint. Very soon after, Larry gave an early videotaped deposition, which enabled him to explain his exposures to asbestos and describe how being diagnosed with mesothelioma was impacting his and his family’s life.  

For one employer, an underground construction company, Larry installed asbestos cement Johns Manville Transite conduit to encase underground telephone lines. The Transite pipe was supplied by the Telephone Company by and through its parent company, AT&T/ Western Electric.  Although Johns Manville is bankrupt, Larry was able to obtain financial compensation from other sources, namely the utilities which furnished the asbestos cement (Transite) pipe. 

Although he was frugal and lived within his means, Larry was never able to afford to buy a house in the expensive San Francisco Bay Area real estate market. With the settlement, Larry was able to purchase a home for his wife, without a mortgage.  When Larry died, he had peace of mind knowing that the recovery we were able to obtain for him provided his wife with a home and financial security.