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Real Estate Agent

Age: 74

Settlement: $3.1 Million

Dodie was a real estate agent and the mother of two boys. She sold homes for others, and bought older homes to remodel and lease or sell for a profit. Dodie managed her properties on her own, which kept her busy right up until the time she was diagnosed with mesothelioma. The diagnosis was a double shock, as she had just recently lost her husband.

Dodie was offered a debulking surgery to remove the tumor around her lung, but she instead opted to undergo chemotherapy. She became unable to concentrate on her business, and lacked the energy to continue to manage her properties, relying increasingly on hired help. This, along with the downturn of the economy, was causing her great concern as her ability to support herself was severely impacted.

Dodie contacted our attorneys.  We met with her in her home and through investigation and legal discovery, we were able to find the sources of the asbestos products she had been exposed to while remodeling homes. We filed a mesothelioma lawsuit on behalf of Dodie and developed evidence showing that these manufacturers knew their asbestos products caused disease, but failed to warn consumers like Dodie. Because we were able to build a strong case, the asbestos joint compound companies and fiber suppliers settled for over 3 million dollars, which alleviated the financial pressure on Dodie and her family.