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Zonolite - W.R. Grace Company

The W.R. Grace Company, originally founded in 1854, produces various construction products. One of these products is an insulation known as Zonolite. In order to give Zonolite the ability to withstand high temperatures and be fire resistant, the company used a form of asbestos to produce it.

Though the asbestos was advantageous in some respects, when the deadly risks of asbestos were discovered, it became easy to see that the costs of using this material greatly outnumbered the benefits.

When asbestos particles are inhaled, there is a high chance that diseases will develop in the lung area. One of the worst of these is mesothelioma, a cancer that develops in the mesothelium of the lungs, abdomen, or heart. Its only known cause to date is exposure to asbestos. Common symptoms of mesothelioma, which unfortunately do not begin to appear until 30 or 40 years after exposure, include:

  • Chest or abdominal pain
  • Persistent dry coughing
  • Weight loss
  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty in swallowing

If you or someone you know has been exposed to asbestos as a result of handling or being involved with Zonolite, and if you think such exposure may have caused you or your loved one to become ill with mesothelioma or any other form of asbestos related disease, please contact the lawyers at Clapper, Patti Schweizer & Mason for more information.