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Mesothelioma Lawyers Alabama

Map of asbestos related deaths in AlabamaClapper, Patti, Schweizer & Mason has over 30 years of experience of successfully recovering millions of dollars in settlements for mesothelioma patients and their families throughout the United States.

Asbestos Exposure Sites in Alabama

Alabama has two major shipyards: Drydock & Shipping Co. and Bender Shipbuilding. People who have worked in these locations are highly susceptible to asbestos exposure. Because asbestos is a material that can withstand high temperatures, it was often used for insulation and heat control. It was very common for asbestos to be used in engine rooms, pipes, and boilers aboard ships. With Mobile being the 10th largest port in the nation, this leaves a lot of individuals in Alabama at risk.

Other common asbestos exposure sites in Alabama include the 6 steel and iron manufacturing facilities and the 4 oil refineries. All of these places generate large amounts of heat and if they were built between 1920 and 1990, they were usually insulated with products containing asbestos. The safety clothing worn by workers was also something commonly made with asbestos.

Locations to be aware of include:

  • Barry Power Plant
  • Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant
  • Colbert Fossil Plant
  • Farley Nuclear Plant
  • Gaston Steam Plant
  • Gorgas Electric Generating Plant
  • Greene County Steam Plant
  • James H Miller Electric Plant
  • Alabama Dry Dock
  • Bender Shipbuilding
  • Birmingham Steel Corporation

According to a report by the Environmental Working Group, there have been 741 asbestos related deaths in Alabama- 248 from mesothelioma between 1979 and 2001.   These deaths could have and should have been prevented. Victims of mesothelioma and their loved ones deserve justice. Our attorneys are experts in mesothelioma and asbestos lawsuits.

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